In 1986 I met François Goffinet, an international garden designer who needed water-colour renderings of his work. The first commission was a bird’s eye view of the new South Garden at Badminton, taken from a parapet of the house. Just then a new lawn with an elliptical flower bed was being laid out. I had often set out ellipses for various purposes and was familiar with the formula, which the contractor wasn’t. This gave me a new usefulness in the world of design. For the following fifteen years, I had a subsidiary income and a great deal of pleasure working as a consultant designer, contributing hundreds of working drawings, many in watercolour, for the firm’s projects in Europe and the United States. These jobs included pavilions, bridges, murals, maquettes for marble sculptures done in Italy, a silhouette sculpture, a large steel open-air plant-house in Los Angeles, a tile-painting fabricated in Lisbon for California and designs for many structures in wood, stone and steel.